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Zen Garcia, through Fallen Angels TV, shares truth that has been revealed to him through videos, broadcasts, books, news, ancient texts.

Momentary Zen - Timing of Passover & Spring Feasts


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Momentary Zen - Timing of Passover & Spring Feasts

Revolution Radio 8-10 Eastern Studio B

 I will be discussing the timing of Passover and the Levitical Spring Feasts while also announcing the release of our new March 2018 to February 2019 Enochian Linear Seasonal Calendar. 

youtube video of show

In this show I clarify how it is that time, the season, days, weeks, months, and lunar solar years are aligned to the movement of the sun and the moon through the zodiac and back and forth between the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn. If you listen closely to the show, it will help you to understand how Sabbath is determined by chodesh and how the Levitical feast days can only be observed in correctness by following the calendar as laid out in the one that we created.