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Zen Garcia, through Fallen Angels TV, shares truth that has been revealed to him through videos, broadcasts, books, news, ancient texts.

Momentary Zen - Pesach/Passover Special


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Momentary Zen - Pesach/Passover Special

Revolution Radio 8-10 Eastern Studio B

Nisan 14 Pesach/Passover Special: Gospel of Gamaliel - Lamentation of the Virgin I of III

The first show of a three-part special where I cover a little-known manuscript called the Gosepl of Gamaliel. Written by the brother of Nicodemus, both of them had been part of the Pharisee Council which ruled over Israel. But having witnessed the miracles associated to life of Christ, they became converts of Yahushua. Nicodemus together with Joseph of Arimathea, prepare the body of Christ for burial on the eve of the Sabbath of unleavened bread. Today is Passover, all honor, praise, and glory to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for the sacrifice made by Christ for the sins of the world. I pray you realize that it is only through Him as the way and light of truth that we can be redeemed to eternity and restored to our former estate. Remember, my friends and family from whence thou art fallen and do the first works. He that is greatest amongst us all, is he who in the example of Christ services humanity to remembrance on our fall and way home. Yahuah bless you

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