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Zen Garcia, through Fallen Angels TV, shares truth that has been revealed to him through videos, broadcasts, books, news, ancient texts.

Q & A with Zen

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Q:  You have been called an “Unconventional Theologian.” When did your interest in theology begin?
A:  I have always had a hunger to know our Creator, so I have been interested in theology since an early age. I have also been interested in mythology, ancient stories, fairy tales and folklore. When I was a young child I spent a great deal of my time reading books and studying things which most people had no interest in. I also, from an early age have been interested in the supernatural and the unexplained. 

Q: Of all your books, which one is the best for readers to pick up and get familiar with your studies?
A: It depends on where your area of focus is, but I would recommend that people read my fourth and my sixth books, Lucifer: Father of Cain, and Sons of God: Who We Are and Why We Are Here. Both of these books bring forth revelations and discernment that is still relatively new to those that have not looked into this kind of information. And both of them can serve as a skeleton key to unlock what is the esoteric nature of the revelations contained within the gospel.

Q: I am curious about your acknowledgement to your son in, Lucifer The Father of Cain ("I told you long ago they would come for you. How wonderful to be found at such a young age.”)
A: When my son was too young to understand (at 6 years of age), I wrote him the following poem, basically telling him that just as the holy spirit had come for me they would also come for him.  That when they do he would be forced to conceptualize world in a way that is little understood by the people of the world.

He'll wonder one day
about words woven
into the tapestry of my poems
pictures I've so patiently
given my life's blood

He prays at night
before fading to dreams
wishing I could walk
so he can have
my electric chair

One day he'll reach a point
where he will challenge
the dreams & pointless goals
of children more lost than he

From my great grandfather to me
they will go to him
& they will make him wonder
wondering he will come to me
with questions
he does not yet romance

& I'll be there to explain
the passions of my soul
things that go unknown
for they will be unable
to answer or understand
his special difference